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Penis. Vagina. The words that made us all giggle in our childhood years. But for us, it went way beyond that.

Our mom was a nurse who had no problem saying those words more often than your average mom. So often that we would even have contests to see who could get her to say the word “penis” the most times.

And so, on a Mother’s day, we were reminiscing about our taboo-less mother, remembering how she would openly explain to us what was happening to our bodies as we were growing up, and how, when the time came, “The Talk” about sex was more of a conversation. No biggie.

That day, we came up with the idea of Momdoms. We wanted parents to have a clever, yet funny tool to start the sex conversation with their kids. Turns out that moms and sex are an interesting combination, making anyone, not just parents, get a kick out of Momdoms.

Be safe!

Kevin and Wayne